Ostendo Operational Software| Job Costing | MYOB

Construction and project job costing software for Myob, Quickbooks, Reckon, Moneyworks or Xero accounting.

Specific features for Projects and Construction

Projects and Contracts

  • Project and/or Contract Monitoring
  • Job costing and profitability reporting
  • Project costing and profitability
  • Purchase order integration
  • Subcontractor costing
  • Equipment hire costs
  • Multiple Jobs per Project/Contract
  • Stages and Task Monitoring within Job
  • Activity monitoring and follow-ups by Stage
  • Claims & retentions

Quotes and Jobs to include

  • Fixed Price or Cost-Plus Quoting
  • Stages and Tasks for phased design & planning, site works, construction
  • Graphical Job and Resource (Labour, machinery etc) scheduling
  • Job costing
  • Labour costs
  • Subcontrator costs
  • Equipment hire and rental costs
  • Purchase costs
  • Budget and actual job costing
  • Actual or Percentage based Invoicing
  • Fixed price, lines based or scheduled invoicing
  • Job Costing and Profitability recording/reporting

Flexible Inventory allows you to:-

  • Multiple warehouses and locations
  • Track & manage industry specific characteristics such as Colour/Size
  • Manage other business specific characteristics (Shelf Life, Hazard Code, etc)
  • Track and segregate Inventory by Lot or Batch Number
  • Track and segregate Inventory by Serial Number
  • Stock Inventory by multiple Units of Measure per Item

Integrates with your existing accounting system: -

  • MYOB
  • Reckon
  • Quickbooks
  • Sage Pastel
  • Moneyworks
  • Xero

Import Supplier Catalogues

  • Flexible Supplier Catalogue Import
  • Unlimited Catalogues covered

Customer Service and Knowledge Base

  • Customer Call Management and Service Centre
  • Operations centre
  • FAQ and response database for Call Management enquiries