Ostendo Operational Software| Job Costing | MYOB

Ostendo Maintenance & Service Software, Service Management Software, Asset Maintenance Software.

  • Computerised Manitenance Management Software (CMMS)
  • Equipment sales
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Asset maintenance & servicing
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Breakdown Service
  • Ad-hoc repairs & maintenance
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Equipment Sales and Service Features

Service Management & Maintenance Management Software

  • Customer/Service ID/Serial Number relationships with full lookup facility
  • Supports both In-house and Customer work
  • Can cover both Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Service level agreements (SLA)
  •  ‘Reminder’ Letters/Emails for Service Event
  • Invoice scheduling to cover regular servicing
  • Service job templates for scheduled servicing
  • Simple conversion to Job with full Servicing details
  • Job costing to include parts, labour & any sundry costs
  • Fixed or variable pricing options
  • Reactive (Breakdown) Events fully covered
  • User defined service level agreements (SLA's)
  • Service response centre to record and monitor service calls
  • Warranty monitoring and cost recording
  • Service ID Refurbishment activities supported
  • Full Service History and Costs
  • Multiple Service Events per Service ID

Warranty Control

  • User defined warranties
  • Warranty Work authorisation requests
  • Special Pricing for Warranty Work
  • Set up standard Warranty Job Tasks
  • Warranty costs recorded by device


  • User defined service agreements
  • Contract scheduled invoices
  • Multiple job types per contract schedule
  • Service Contracts Maintained
  • Activity monitoring and follow-ups by Job within Contract
  • User defined SLA with defined response times, on-site times and other user definable options.

Service Jobs

  • Job Templates for known Service Events and activities
  • Job can contain Material, Labour, or any ‘Descriptor’ you wish
  • Graphical Job and Resource (Labour, Machinery, etc) scheduling
  • Actual or Percentage based Invoicing for Service Events
  • Job Cost and Profitability recording

Mobile Access

  • Remote access for field technicians and field sales reps via smart phones or tablets to allow: -
  • Job update
    • Add inventory & labour lines to existing jobs
    • Record client signature
  • New job creation
    • With customer look up or create new customer
    • Ad-hoc service and remedial work
    • Record client signature
  • Create sales order
    • With customer look up or create new customer
    • Add inventory, descriptor or labour lines to order

Call Centre

  • Time stamped call tickets
  • SLA Monitoring & alerts
  • Multiple actions per ticket
  • Linked history notes
  • Graphical timeline view
  • Tracking codes
  • Ticket emailing (manual ot auto)


  • Sales to Cash or Account Customers
  • Extensive Pricing Matrix
  • Customer Discount Matrix
  • Optional Picking and Despatching process
  • Full Backorder Processing
  • Counter Sales function with Barcode reader and Receipt production
  • Full multi-station POS option

Spare Parts Inventory

  • Multiple Locations/Depots
  • Location identifiers (aisle, rack, row)
  • Volume & Weight management by location
  • Flexible multi-level replenishment routines
  • Van stock retention and replenishment
  • Lot and Serial Number tracking
  • Full stock movement history
  • Flexible cost and price update routines
  • Stocktake by warehouse, location, categories or item lists
  • Consignment stock
  • Usage forecasting
  • Label Printing and optional barcoding
  • Tracks Item usage, costs, and maintain inventory at optimum levels.
  • Inventory valuation, quantity on hand, quantity committed.

 Customer Service and Knowledge Base

  • Extensive Customer Database
  • Customer Call Management and Service Centre
  • FAQ and response database for Call Management enquiries

Product Catalogue

  • User-defined Illustrated Product Catalogue

Flexible Inventory allows you to:-

  • Have industry specific characteristics such as Colour/Size
  • Have other business specific characteristics (Shelf Life, Hazard Code, etc)
  • Track and segregate Inventory by Lot or Batch Number
  • Track and segregate Inventory by Serial Number
  • Stock same Item of Inventory by multiple Units of Measure
  • Multiple Packing Units per Item

 Supplier Catalogues

  • Flexible Supplier Catalogue Import
  • Unlimited Catalogues covered