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We’re long term users of Ostendo for complete supply chain, sales and service management within our highly inventory focussed business. Ostendo offers all that is required to manage comprehensive inventory requirements including full document and image related information and knowledge based management. It provides the answer to managing and making available all manner of documents and information so often closeted away in hard copy files or complex computer folders. It provides a comfortable balance between the demands of the simple user and those looking for specific solutions. Ostendo’s use of customised workflow graphics ensures a smooth introduction to new users essential to any new software implementation. RNA Solutions provide professional on-time support for both routine requirements and for some of the more esoteric opportunities this software offers.

Andrew Sharp

Worldwide Coding Solutions




"We purchased Ostendo from RNA Solutions to use with our educational supplies business. It holds all our web store inventory list of over 40,000 titles. We search, get reports and do stock valuations with lightning speed.

It has allowed us to manage stock in many forms, resupply, reporting, and special configurations - over this huge and growing range. Ostendo is infinitely adaptable with its scripting, report writer and screen configuration. It offers continued automation opportunities as we progress with refining workflows!"

Rob Watts, Managing Director, Network Educational Australia



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